Below you will find the first series of notebooks Labrador Publishing House (LPH) launched under the footnotes™ brand. A6 in size with a sturdy 300GSM cover & 48 pages of blank ivory 100GSM paper that works perfectly with fountain pens and watercolours, you can carry them on your person at all times without being weighed down. You can purchase our notebooks at Overjoyed, Kinokuniya, NBC Stationery or Trendlit Publishing in Singapore. For bulk orders or other customisations, please write us at: labradorpublishinghouse@gmail.com

It is Only After Noon

Seasons of Singapore

(Sun Series, $12.90, 3 Notebooks)

If there is anything we have a love / hate relationship with more than any other natural phenomena it must be the sun.  This super ginormous ball of glowing hydrogen and helium is 109x wider than the earth and threatens our very existence with its intense and ever growing fire.  Even at a distance of 150 million kilometres, its hot plasma is so dense that we can feel it inside our little blue sphere. 

And yet, for all its destructive potential, on the very same breath, it also gives us life.  It not only awakens seeds and moves seas, its light also paints the colours of our world.  Everyday we wake up, and look out, and if the sun is obscured, the day just doesn’t seem right.  By mid-day though, in equatorial Singapore, we are wishing for the clouds to get in the way. 

The day hasn’t ended, it has only begun. Hours may have passed, but here still the sun. Its heat still oppresses, its light still so stark, I hide in the shadows, wondering when it’ll turn dark.

But here come the songbirds and the children to play. How could I possibly wish the sun to go away?

So with the trees I gather, lift my arms as do they, embracing the sweet summer of an after noon day.

What’s a Little Rain?

Seasons of Singapore

(Rain Series, $12.90, 3 Notebooks)

Sometime between 1896 and 1933, Miyazawa Kenji wrote a beautiful poem called Ame ni mo Makezu “What’s a Little Rain?” This served as the inspiration for this series as we mused about the many afternoon rain showers we experience in Singapore.

That we are thinking of Miyazawa’s poem nearly 100 years later just proves how powerful the simple fluttering of a butterfly’s wings can be.

What’s a little rain, a little wind, a little snow, a little heat in summer if you’re strong?

Click here to read the entire poem and listen to the song dedicated to the 11 March 2011 earthquake & tsunami victims of Japan.

A Very Curio(u)s Cabinet

In the small room was the world. ($5.00 for one notebook)

The word CABINET is originally French and in the 16th century meant “a small private room”.  It was also a rather special room because it often contained a collection of things from places so far away it would take months to get there and back. The things inside could be plants, animals, minerals or manufactures and were called CURIOS.   

These personal “Cabinets of Curiosity” are actually the basis of today’s museums. And any Natural History Museum you go to, including our own in Singapore, will have some CURIOS from one of these old cabinets.  They not only entertain but also teach us about our wondrous world and all that is in it.  In this notebook, we hope you continue this tradition of being curious, and of collecting what you’ve found, but so as not to disturb the earth, to only put them in your notebook and in the Cabinets of Your Mind.