Previous Projects

Over the years we have had the privilege of working with children of all ages (that includes the adults, which often times means us). Together we have created some pretty amazing work, from inventive original board games and booklets to magazines whose stories and illustrations were penned and drawn by the students themselves. Below are some of our greatest hits. Although we look back with nostalgia, we do still believe the best is yet to come.

CDL, NVPC & Rosyth Primary

The Poster Game (2003)

They may only have been 9 years old but they not only developed this game during our entrepreneurship workshop with them, they even pitched for funding themselves after we set up the meeting! Duly impressed, City Developments Limited (CDL) stepped up with the money to print the game and their beneficiary, National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) got to make learning about all the ways to volunteer fun (through collecting posters about volunteering!).

Inventor’s Notebook

Protecting Your Invention (2004)

With so many of the students showing inventive brilliance, we felt it necessary to put together a notebook that had puzzles, games, stories of inventors to serve as inspiration as well as idea generation tools, patent examples, commercialisation to provide a resource guide. Most importantly, of course, the pages had to have graphs and forms to serve as a proper official record of their ideas in the event that they did want to patent them.

Eggplant Magazine

A Creative Magazine for Children by Children (2005-2007)

We threw out the invitation and the poems and stories started coming in. At first we only had a few student illustrators but soon our “Rogues Gallery” of artists were chomping at the bit to get work to illustrate. We paid everyone for their work but some kiddos never cashed in their cheques. It was exceedingly difficult meeting deadlines for this amazing magazine and we practically lived in the office, but it was worth every minute.

A Treatise on the Flight of Birds

A Diary of Codes masquerading as a book by Leonardo da Vinci (2017)

In one of our most complex puzzles designed for students, we put together this diary that had been handed down from generation to generation since 1860 warning us about the wise, the rich and the mighty. “Good secrets do not reveal themselves easily. All the keys to the codes are hidden all over Singapore. If you follow the invisible footprints of those who have gone before us, the keys will emerge one by one.”

Top Secret Files

Observations about Singapore (2018)

We’ve always believed in the importance of knowing many languages. In this instance, Mandarin Chinese became essential as more and more students from China wanted to explore our shores. Instead of the run-of-the-mill booklets for tourists, we put together these secret files with a lot of purposely missing information to keep the young students interested. The ultimate goal? To put together their most astute observations as envoys for the Chinese Emperor and to report back on this new country they had discovered.

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