footnotes™: the seasons of Singapore notebook series

Inside pages are 100 GSM Ivory smooth blank paper that can handle fountain pens

October 2020 is a big month for Labrador Publishing House (LPH) because we will finally be launching our notebooks for writers, artists and creative people. We have given them the name “footnotes™” because our lives are not filled with great impactful events but rather many small moments that we will forget. Most are mere footnotes, so trivial only our notebooks remember they even happened.  

Sometimes though, small moments become the beginnings of greater things: a forgotten recipe, lines to a song, scribbled notations from a mentor, a watercolour of a long lost friend.

In these analogue notebooks, deliberately small (A6) and thin (48pp) so the past can be left at home and there is no room to worry about the future, we hope to lengthen the little moments of today. And yes, that includes being able to see all our mistakes on the page, every diversion and notation on our way to the final edition. Sometimes this is irksome, but with time we can see from the scribbles and scratches how we actually learned, how we’ve grown, and how those tangents may yet expand our minds and take on a different meaning today, and oh, isn’t that a beautiful thing?

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The notebook sets come in 3 different types wrapped in these cute sleeves.