What’s a Little Rain? 雨ニモマケズ (無懼風雨)

Ame ni mo Makezu by Miyazawa Kenji (1896-1933) translated by Noah S. Brannen

What’s a little rain,
A little wind, a little snow,
A little heat in summer,
If you’re strong?
All I ask is to grow to be
A person
Who doesn’t demand too much,
Never loses his temper,
Always wears a quiet smile,
Eats his three bowls of rice a day,
A little soup, a little vegetable,
And forgets about himself.
Let me look, let me listen,
And never forget what I see and hear.
From my hut in the grove by the field, When I hear from the East,
There’s a child that’s sick,
Let me go and nurse him to health.
When I hear from the West
There’s a weary farm woman,
Let me go and carry her plantings.
When I hear from the South
There’s a man near death,
Let me go and quieten his fears. And If there’s quarreling and feuding in the North, Let me help them to stop their bickering.
In time of drought
Let my tears wet the earth,
And share the anxiety of all
When the summer’s unseasonably cold. They may have no use for me,
Or no word of praise for me,
But at least I won’t get in the way.

Seasons of Singapore: Rain Series
Miyazawa’s Notebook turned to the pages of this poem

Buy this notebook HERE

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