Sunbirds & Singapore

In our “It is Only After Noon” notebook series, we feature one of the most amazing birds native to Singapore, the Sunbird.

Seasons of Singapore: Sun Series

Above is a Purple-throated Sunbird (Leptocoma Sperata) on a Yellow Saraca.  Pardon us, you’ll have to imagine the bright colours.  Just like one of the most loved birds in the world (the Hummingbird to whom many a poem and painting has been devoted to), Sunbirds also have colourful iridescent feathers and long thin bills to feed on nectar and to eat tiny spiders and insects.  Although most prefer to perch on a stem while feeding at a flower, the smallest species of Sunbird can also beat its wings so fast that it is able to hover and feed at the same time. 

The most common of our Sunbirds is the Olive-backedSunbird (Cinnyris jugularis) and the Brown-throatedSunbird (Anthreptes malacensis). We hope you will get to see many of the seven Sunbird species native to Singapore on your walks.

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